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About Coach Ray Yee

Co-Founder of Luttrell Yee MMA

Founder & Master Instructor of ABQ Kickboxing-MMA

Coach Ray Yee is a Master Martial Arts Instructor / SAG-AFTRA Stuntman. Yee is routinely acknowledged as one of the southwest’s most qualified martial arts instructors. 

He has been training in martial arts since 1980 and teaching since 1998. 

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The first thing I would say about Coach Ray Yee would be diversity. I love what he brings to the table because it’s so different than what everyone else is doing. 


He teaches me traditional Muay Thai, but he also just has a really awesome way to blend all the forms of striking together that he knows.


A good example is sometimes we are working Jeet Kune Do principals and combos where it’s parry to a hammer fist and traditional tools from other styles not seen and used in mainstream MMA, we also do a lot of stance switching. 


Working with him has taught me how to pick and pull knowledge from different arts and try to mesh it all together in the best way possible. 


The way he explains things is also amazing and is always very clear and easy to understand. My striking would definitely not be at the level it is today if I had never met Coach Yee, 


I think I am one of the best kickboxers and MMA strikers in the world at my weight class, thanks to Coach Yee.

Jerome “The Renegade” Rivera 

LFA Flyweight Contender and Title Challenger

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Albuquerque, New Mexico


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